What Does “Community” Mean for B2B Digital Marketing?

What Does “Community” Mean for B2B Digital Marketing?A recently published article on business2community.com highlighted the need for B2B businesses to concentrate on quality over quantity when using social media marketing and focus on your community.


There is a misconception among many that you can’t use social for B2B and there is no insight to be gained in that channel either. The community may be smaller but it is more concentrated and ideal for gaining insight on your target audience. You don’t need to stop at identifying who makes up your community as you can create profiles and segment your audience.


To demonstrate the potential, I would cite a recently completed social insight project for a B2B company, suppliers to the construction industry. Using quantitative and qualitative analysis of 1,000 conversations across social channels we were able to distinguish consumer from corporate voices, provide brand and competitor analysis, break down discussions on content and determine the impact of brand communication. The findings delivered strategic recommendations on client communication, brand positioning and feedback to enhance engagement, ultimately helping to improve sales performance.


Connect – yes.
Identify – yes.
Use the content available to investigate what people are saying – why wouldn’t you?


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