Social Intelligence – Using Social Media as a Research Tool

Using social media for research


Whatever size of business, you can choose to ignore social media but will your customers and competitors? Social media is clearly an area we cannot overlook and need to embrace as an integral part of any comms strategy.

Brands clearly appreciate there is an opportunity to generate new business through social media – it’s an engaging space where you can directly target audiences – but rather than grow followers for vanity, brands should be demanding identifiable results. More agencies are providing social media services however how far they going beyond proactive postings, monitoring and tracking coverage?

Our objectives are to complement and enhance social listening capabilities by providing social media intelligence from which to make informed decisions. Social media research sits between traditional qualitative and qualitative methodologies and is led by consumers whose vocal opinions are self-motivated rather than driven by incentives.
Social Media Intelligence - Research through Social Media
Our team of specialists use both complex data analysis technologies and human interpretation to validate and translate those volumes of data into valuable, structured and clear actionable insight for your brand.

This live and passionate environment allows us to identify content and benefit from the direct interaction that can be gained with your target audience. Whether examining the noise around your brand (and your competitors) or using social media to test and develop marketing campaigns or products we can and need to embrace the opportunity that this media presents us.

We take the deluge of available social data and drill deeper to interpret and analyse those conversations to create actionable insights for you. Often working in partnership with Digital Agencies and Social Media departments, we compliment their work with our unique research expertise to deliver value for clients.


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