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Yolo Comms is an international market research and social media insight agency based in London. Combined with over 25 years experience, we adopt innovative research techniques and methodologies to provide a creative and consultative approach to help support our clients. Our work helps generate media coverage, deliver insight and strategies that support PR and Marketing across industry sectors and geographic boundaries.

While we continue to carry out surveys to support PR and marketing we have also developed a unique service to provide research through social media, to create actionable insights using both qualitative and quantitative analysis of social media data. As brands look for ways to enhance their understanding of customers and create actionable insights from the mass of data at their disposal, we can help achieve those objectives through unique analysis of social media listening.

Our research produces an in-depth level of consumer understanding upon examining their experiences, needs and expectations to create findings that support engagement, comms, sales and new product innovation. Our approach is quite unique and based on each client’s individual aims and needs.

We don’t conflict with digital teams but rather compliment them – aside from providing the more traditional market research services we go beyond automated social listening and monitoring by using our proprietary research tools, knowledge and skills to interpret the social data and produce our findings.

We’d love to hear your thoughts as we’re prepared to challenge brands on what we think is achievable and the value they can gain from the insight we can deliver. If you’d like to hear more, or argue the point, we’re always happy to meet up and chat over a coffee and biscuits.


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