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It’s not about smoke and mirrors as marketing is all about a common sense approach to your brand.

Many businesses will have a vague plan to ‘sell more goods/services to customers’, but little in the way of planning or substance to actually stand a realistic chance of achieving an objective. The key to (commercial) business success is in making the required level of sales and to make those sales you need to understand your target customers – what are their wants and needs? How will you entice them to buy from you?

We work with businesses to develop successful marketing strategies and campaigns focused on the needs of the target customer, with an emphasis on continuously communicating the benefits of your services or products over those available from your competition.

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) definition of marketing

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) definition of marketing

Our marketing consultancy will provide a strategy to assist you with ‘positioning’ your business in your industry or sector, to seek to influence both existing and prospective customers that your business offers something unique or special – differentiating you from the crowd. If you fail to persuade people that your service or product is unique or offers ‘additional value’, then your customers’ buying decision may simply come down to price alone.

A focused marketing strategy depends on your continually explaining and emphasising how and why your business is not only reliable and represents good value, but is also different (better) from the competition in subtle and genuine ways.

Even in the early weeks/months of trading when a business may not have yet established a market position there are still steps we can help to form the ‘spine’ in most marketing strategies:

  • Confirm there is a gap in the market
  • Analyse the target audience  to be certain of providing what they want and need
  • Be aware of what competitors are offering and how they position themselves
  • Ensure the offering is clear  to the target audience – particularly the benefits
  • Consider where and how  to effectively communicate  the proposition
  • Regularly review and monitor the marketing strategy


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