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We provide a full market research service that caters for both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Whether local, national or international, we can provide a competitive and fully extensive service reaching target audiences across the globe. Whether we use our consumer or B2B omnibus surveys (UK and international) or create bespoke campaigns, we are confident we can reach almost anyone, anywhere.

We’ll recommend the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective methodologies (e.g. online surveys and focus groups, telephone interviewing (CATI), Face-to-Face interviews, etc) to suit your project. Timings are often critical and we can offer fast turnaround projects (from 24 hours), no matter where the location or what target respondents you are looking to reach.

Furthermore, we won’t leave you to get lost in a mass of data and will help you interpret the findings so you can fully utilise all the results and get your money’s worth!

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Case studies

Please contact us if you would like to find out about previous work and case studies.
Our projects have covered numerous industry sectors, including:

…covering a combination of B2B, B2C, customer satisfaction and internal communications.

Why do market research?

  • Market research services

    Identify your target consumer, find out what they think about your ideas, products or brand and gather insights to help you target the right market. Regardless of whether you’re starting or expanding your business, market research is vital to understanding your target market and increasing sales.

  • Understand why your existing customers choose your product over your competitors. Look at what they value and who and what influences their buying decisions.
  • Set realistic targets from the information you collect for areas such as growth, sales and the introduction of new products/services.
  • Develop effective strategies and make informed marketing decisions about how to price your product/service, how to distribute your product/service, which media channels to use or whether to develop a new product/service. It will also help you make an informed decision about starting, building, consolidating, diversifying or reducing business activity.
  • Identify a business problem, research will help you work out what is happening. For example, if your sales have fallen you might discover that brand awareness has also fallen, or that a new competitor has entered the market or a substitute product has become available.
  • Identify areas for expansion and test whether the market is ready for a new product/service and determine how that will affect your customer base.
  • Identify new business opportunities in under utilised areas. You could identify changing market trends such as population shifts, increasing levels of education or leisure time which bring new opportunities.

When should I do market research?

Market research should be part of your business strategy and should not be just a one-off activity.

It can be undertaken at numerous stages from pre-launch onwards. It is worth bearing in mind that consumers’ motivation and behaviour change over time so you should really consider reviewing your research on a regular basis. Successful businesses conduct research on a continual basis to keep up with market trends and to maintain a competitive edge.

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