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Take Note of Darwin’s Theory of (Social Media) Evolution

While we’re all busy trying to think of ways to deliver successes through social media it’s interesting to experience first-hand how different businesses and industries are approaching it. Thanks to Charles Darwin (amongst others), we know creatures are continually evolving and at different rates and businesses can be likened to different animals […]

Using Darwin's Theory of (Social Media) Evolution for 2016

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Looking beyond the big picture

While on the hunt to replace my TV I spent the obligatory time (hours) investigating options, features, benefits and, of course, competitive pricing. Using reviews and conversations from similar consumers like me, I assessed the available information along with delivery, retailer expertise, knowledge and support when judging value for money as […]

With(out) a hope and a prayer?

Walking the dog this weekend I couldn’t help but notice that the church goers I observed all seemed to be of a more ‘mature’ age – I even stopped to help open the front doors of one church to allow a parishioner to drive in on his electric scooter!   Our […]

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What Does “Community” Mean for B2B Digital Marketing?

What Does “Community” Mean for B2B Digital Marketing?

A recently published article on highlighted the need for B2B businesses to concentrate on quality over quantity when using social media marketing and focus on your community.   There is a misconception among many that you can’t use social for B2B and there is no insight to be gained in […]

Intelligence is understanding your customers

How Social Media Intelligence Can Save You

The key to learning about how customers relate to your brand is through insight and engagement — generate a dialogue with them surrounding your products and services. Conversations that prompt and increase “likes” and “retweets” are just at the surface in how consumers perceive your company. Nik Harta, leading marketer and […]