YOLO wins Acquisition International’s Best International Market Research Consultancy Award

We’re delighted to announce that Yolo Communications has been named “Best International Market Research Consultancy 2022” in Acquisition International’s inaugural Research & Development Awards.

Acquisition International launched the Research & Development Awards to acknowledge the work that goes into an often-overlooked industry. Indeed, many of the extraordinary advancements the public sees are due to the incredible efforts of the team that worked tirelessly to bring a vision to reality.

The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work.

Yolo Communication’s Managing Director Nik Harta said “I am very proud and delighted that we were nominated, without my knowledge, because it demonstrates we have been doing good work. To be put forward for the Award alone is incredibly flattering.

I believe one of the main criteria that stood out was the level of bespoke consultancy offered to clients. With backgrounds in marketing and PR, our biggest strength is our understanding of our client’s objectives and processes. We are market research experts who have first-hand experience in marketing and public relations and understand how our clients can create and make the best use of the research and insights we generate for them. The best compliment we can and do get from a client is that we are considered a seamless part of their in-house team.

Furthermore, our growth in the past 12 months was also considered – we have worked hard to grow the business and maintain a very high client retention rate. I honestly appreciate our good fortune and how YOLO has now entered a phase where we are confident in our business and can afford to regularly work with selected charities on a pro bono basis. Beyond that, we have also started to financially donate to several charities, and I feel we are contributing back so others can benefit from our successes.”

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Editor’s Notes:

Link to Release: Acquisition International is Proud to Announce the Winners of the 2022 Research & Development Awards