CRM and Panels

create communities and panels

Targeting niche audiences anywhere

For businesses and media owners looking to monetise their customers beyond their core business offering we can now create new opportunities past online advertising.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions can enable a business to not only gain insight on their customers and thereby improve performance but also be the first step in supplementing existing revenues by generating additional income streams.

We help businesses evolve their customer databases to create opt-in panels & communities. Through these we will supplement revenues with income from online market research and promotional opportunities. Our long-standing relationships with market research firms and promotional agencies mean site visitors have fresh opportunities to earn rewards and express their opinions.

Building panels & communitiesNot only can businesses benefit from increased monetisation, their site visitors stand to gain a lot from participating in these additional activities through incentives targeted to encourage customers to return producing highly engaged participants.

For every survey or promotion the customer participates in, our client will receive payment.

Good for customers. Good for our market research and promotional partners. Good for our clients too. And after being rewarded for sharing their opinions, visitors have all the more reason to keep coming back again and again.


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