Social Stars

The Sky’s the Limit for celebrities through Yolo Comms’ new service, Social Stars

This revolutionary service unlocks the unique opportunities between celebrities and their followers to maximise their own brand potential.

Focusing on intelligent insight for strategic marketing and communications, Social Stars has been developed to help high-profile individuals enhance engagement with their fans and simultaneously increase their own earning potential through unique analysis of social media data.
Social Stars - unlock opportunities through social media
While the offering is open to all, Social Stars guarantees to deliver a level of insight and analysis to truly impact upon a celebrity’s persona, communication and marketing plans. With the focus on the entertainment and sporting industries, this breakthrough approach is tailor-made to help talent take advantage of the treasured position they find themselves in.

Social Stars, is designed to help high profile individuals capitalise on their social standings by profiling their audience to help them build an advocate asset. It has been proven that when a celebrity has insight on what connects them with their fans, they can not only improve engagement with them but use this knowledge to quantify and build successful relationships with relevant sponsors.

Whether entertainers are in music, sport, film or TV, they should consider themselves as individual brands. Their marketing teams should take responsibility for their social media activities and take advantage of the opportunities that clearly present themselves. From an initial social media audit, Yolo Comms will build an audience profile and clear strategy to not only engage with fans and followers but use that insight to generate value to any current or potential commercial partners.

Social Stars is so named because once these well-known celebrities can evaluate their social impact they will then be able to align themselves alongside appropriate and relevant brands that resonate with their followers.

Who wouldn’t be interested in a managed environment that mutually benefits the Star, the fans and the sponsors?


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